1 April 2000 (1952) M4ufree

1 April 2000 (1952) Free Movie

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance

Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner
Stars: Hilde Krahl Josef Meinrad Waltraut Haas
Vote: 5.8
Quality: SD
1 April 2000 1952 It is the year 2000 and the World Global Union is in charge, although other countries are allowed to elect their own government leaders, as long as they support the Union When Austrias newly elected president, makes his inauguration speech, he declares Austrian independence and issues an edict ending Austrias financial support for the Global Union The Global Union President arrives in a flying saucer with her retinue of world soldiers, equipped with death ray guns, to put an end to the rebellion The president and the country are put on trial The Austrian president recounts the countrys long battle for peace, and shows how Austria stopped the invasion of the Turks, and gave the world the operetta and the waltz He organizes a mass parade with flora floats and a brass band playing the Austrian Freedom Song in order to appeal to the courts impartiality A 1943 document signed by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and assuring Austria of independence is presented